We at CreativeIdeas, and GiveIndia, India’s biggest giving platform, are on a Mission: “1 Million Masks” in these trying times. Through our mission, we aim to positively impact 1 million lives through 1 million masks.

As India courageously fights the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of poor/underprivileged people, slum dwellers, daily wagers and frontliners are at the risk of contracting the virus. They tirelessly strive to serve us, but face the shortcomings of not being equipped with the necessary essentials.

Through our 1 Million Masks mission, we aim to provide masks to those vulnerable and ensure their safety as they secure us from the pandemic.


Why is wearing a mask necessary?

Recent studies proved that a significant portion of people suffering from the virus, can be asymptomatic (a portion of individuals who do not develop symptoms, though rare) as well as pre-symptomatic (can transmit the virus to others before developing symptoms), as per the advisory of WHO. Such people can spread the disease to others, without being in knowledge with regards the same.

Thus, wearing of masks acts as a physical barrier between the people whilst talking, sneezing, coughing, etc. and prevents the spread of the bacterial particulates and cross-contamination.

Also, WHO’s latest guidelines recommend that every person should wear a fabric mask (non-medical) when going out in the public and all those who are working in the clinical areas of a health facility should use a medical mask. Usage of masks by people when going out will eventually help in controlling widespread transmission as it can be difficult to maintain social distancing while using public transportation, shopping, etc. 

We invite you to Join us on this Mission to save lives https://creativeideas.giveindia.org/ and #DonateMasks