5 Ways To Surprise Mom On Mother's Day

Ah! As always, I tried searching for the blog's content before writing this blog! But then closed all tabs, and set for a moment and it made me realise it’s not something which I can describe in the number of words I have for blog!

We all are so much busy in our life and career to make our future shiny and enjoy every moment; little did we know that how all of these happened. Are we giving enough for the one who brought us in this huge world with tiny expectations from us - an expectation to love them back, Just.

Well, here is something today I am going to share with you which may help you to introspect and spare some time, in this quarantine for your mother on this Mother’s Day.

Sharing a few Ideas on how you can make your Mom feel special and say that You Love Her!


1. Make a Special Mother's Day Meal.

No matter how bad or good a cook you are, make her favourite dish for breakfast or prepare a meal for lunch, Set up her dinner table in case you can't cook. Check out some of the recipes on our recommended YouTube Channels. Have food with her and make her feel special.

 Make A Mothers Day Meal

2. Create a Collage Of Old Memories.

Lockdown helps you find old photos and memories. Digitise them or You cna make some DIY Handmade collages too (like you must have made slam books in school/college). Let here relive those wonderful memories of travel, family or just Birthdays.Share your note about each of them and how much it’s attached with you or impacted you all those memories.

 Collage Of Old Memories

3. Personalized Note.

Write a poem or a note to her with simple words, you may also express a deep thought with an essay. Tell her how she inspires you and that she is the most important woman in your life.

 Personalized Note To Mother

4. Help Her In The House.

Of Course this is something you can do anyhow. (we know corona has already made you do this). But on Mother’s day you can make a point that you help her out with that particular house chore which you always manage to skip yourself. It will make her smile for sure.

 Household Work

5. Download Her Old Favourite Movie And Watch With Her.

This is a tried and tested formula, no seriously. Old movies are best, and she is absolutely going to love this idea. Pickup some movies from the 70's & 80”s Bollywood / Hollywood movies as per her choice. My recommendation is download any of Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand movies. If she likes romantic ones pick some of Rajesh Khanna, Rishi Kapoor’s Movies. Or If she is Fan of Angry Young Man then Amitabh Bachhan or Dharmedra’s movie are the best choices for her.

 Movie Watching With Mother

 All of these may make her happy and bring her smile but if you want to make her Proud of You Join us in Our Mission to donate 1Cr Masks. Subscribe for the masks and we will donate the same number of Mask to Front-liners and Underprivileged Daily wage earners.

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Mother’s are the real Superwoman. The one who loves unconditionally, teaches, inspires and encourages. She is the one who will stand with you and love you at any stage of your life.