If quarantine and Chill is not your will, here is the drill;

The world has accepted the challenge, are you ready to Kill?

The T-shirt Challenge in Quarantine  

When the entire world is on lockdown, are you the one following EAT-SLEEP-REPEAT? Now it’s time to break the chain and #StayFit while staying safe at home!

Well we are all turning a social (media) animal, we are here to challenge you in a fun way to break your boredom with The Handstand T-shirt challenge.

From Hollywood to Bollywood, celebrities like Tom Holland, Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal, Rakul Preet, Neha Sharma, Mandira Bedi everyone have accepted this Creative #TshirtChallenge which you can’t afford to skip.

Here is everything you need to know about the #TshirtChallenge.

Waise to Naam hi kaafi hai, but here is to explain how it’s done. The handstand t-shirt challenge involves putting on a t-shirt while doing a handstand. Check out the video.

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Here are some of the celebrities taking Handstand T-shirt Challenge.

Marvel actor Tom Holland accepted this challenge and aced it too.

Tom Holland Handstand Tshirt Challenge

Holland also tagged his Spider-Man Far From Home co-star Jake Gyllenhaal in the challenge as well as Ryan Reynolds and a few others.

jake gyllenhaal handstand tshirt challenge

Athlete Lolo Jones too joins the squad and says cheers with a glass of wine. 

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Bollywood's Rakul Preet was just bored of wearing my tee the normal way.

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Here is Neha Sharma joins her sister Aisha Sarma and accepts the challenge.

While Mandira Bedi is killing it too.

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Now it’s your time to not just kill time, but use this isolation to stay fit.


Can I do the challenge?

If you feel #FOMO, don’t feel left out of the fun. Many of us have tried and posted our attempts (Follow #TshirtChallenge) on Instagram, but it not as easy as it seems but more fun than you think.

If you want to try out the challenge, you should start off by holding your handstand against a wall and trying to get a T-shirt on from there.

Try a normal handstand first and practice during handstands, then you’re good to go.

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