Imagine if your favorite Tshirt design can come to life? Wondering what we are talking about?

Yes it’s true, an immersive experience is awaiting for you! is proud to share the AR activated merchandise for the first time. Designed by Varshini Ramakrishnan and in collaboration with Digit and Art&Found.

What is Augmented Reality Merchandise?

Augmented reality (AR), which visualizes digital items in the consumer's real-world environment using software on a mobile device. It is a technology that enhances or augments the consumer's real world surroundings by incorporating digital elements into physical objects. In case of AR activated Merchandise, the Merchandise is incorporated with AR.

How to experience Augmented Reality Merchandise?

  • Head over to Instagram/Facebook
  • Scan the following QR code

  • Bring the AR activated Merchandise in front of your camera (in this case the artwork ‘Ride Through Uncertainty’) to see how your merchandise comes to life.

And you just had a #MerchMore experience, haven’t you? 

At we are always eager to unlock new ways for our fans to interact with their fav merchandise. For more such immersive experiences do check and follow us on instagram.