Why YouTuber and Content Creator must have Merchandise in 2020.

Are you living your Dream?

Are you the one who blessed with skills like Content Creation, Video Production, Editing and Social media?

Are you the one Working on your YouTube channel day I day out!

You are awesome and we love you so #Merch!


Having a YouTube Channel and leading the path is a brave job you have already have done. What you already doing must be the dream of your life and also earning you the lifestyle you wished for. But one thing is for sure the earning is important, engaging is too. Earning with engaging people is you always been doing and loving it too. But, We thing you are missing out on very #merch important part of being a YouTuber.

Here is the thing you are missing out on!

Merchandise ! – If you are content creator, you are consistence with your creativity and your audience loves you, They’re probably waiting for your merch as well. But why you should have merch?, is this the right time for you to get into this?, How am I going to Plan the Designs and get it Manufacture? Where will I stock all? Who will dispatch, provide customer service?  That too without hampering my content for the chancel and of course brand’s partnership???

Don’t worry. Read further we have got you covered.

First thing first, Should I indulge in the Merchandise? The answer is always Yes. Here is why.

A quick checklist: 

There’s no magic number of subscribers or watch hours that determine when you should start selling merchandise. It’s always about analysing your channel and brand on Identifying your goals*.


Analyze your Channel, Social Page and Brand strength. 

  • The volume of search activity associated with your channel / handle name is a strong indicator.
  • Does your audience regularly like, comment, and share your posts / videos?
  • The number of subscribers matters less than how active your audience is.
  • Gauge audience engagement. 



Identify your goals for merch. 

  • Decide how much it matter to you.
  • Are you excited to see your fans representing you in public?
  • A major factor is how much your audience relates with you and the merch.
  • When viewers see themselves as part of a community, they’re more likely to want merch from that creator.


Now that you know what are the essentials to launch your Merchandise! Launch Your Merch now Read more Make a great Merch that represent YOU!

It’s 2020, time to up your game and gets set go with the world out there and Represent who you are. If you have got an Idea – we are here to make it a reality.

At CreativeIdeas.store we provide a global platform for Original Artists, YouTubers, Movies, OTT Series, Social Causes, Organizations, Celebrities and Individual Change Makers to Launch their own Merchandise. Our team is with you to ease the process between having a Merch idea to selling it online!  

Having merchandise is essential for any YouTubers, whether you are full-time influencer/ content creator or just doing this as your hobby. Engaging your community and increasing curiosity of your prospective subscribers is your responsibility. Merch helps you to do that very efficiently and add some bucks as well to your piggy.


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(* : YouTube Creator Academy)