Make a great Merch that represent YOU!

As a YouTuber or a Content Creator its very important for one to be relevant. True to your audience. Your audience is loving you for you being YOU. Establishing an organic engagement with the subscribers and followers is possible, when what you create and what they like intersects.

Many creators find success with merch when they have a strong connection with their audience and enthusiasm for their brand. Merch is as much about passion as it is about making money.*

In a previous blog, you must have read Why YouTuber and Content Creator must have Merchandise. Here we are going to discuss how you can Launch the merchandise which represent YOU. Merchandise which connects your audience and help you grow.

8 Things you should keep in mind before you launch your merchandise.

Take a book and a pen, and plan your merch along with us.

1. Keep it relevant. 

Keep it real and relevant. You can find relevance in between What you think and What interests them.


2. Do research to learn if there's a market for “Your” merchandise.

Research is the first thing to begin, understand your brand, what will work for you. 


3. You can ask yourself what your audience wants and is it unique to your brand?

Your designs, as well as products, must speak about you and your brand, it should represent you. 


4. Test your audience’s appetite for your merch.

Understand your audience appetite, do their like dislike and their need to buy your products at the price points you choose to sell. 


5. Keep it focused.

It requires to be specific to the audience interest and synced with your content. 


6. Introduce one product at a time.

Introducing merch is must but should go phase by phase. Introduce Limited Edition (FOMO), test market and then go Big. 


7. Ask your audience what they want to see as Your Merch.

Do a poll or a survey amongst your regular audience. They are the one who is going to wear it and become ambassadors of your merch. 


8. Make it extra special, always with us! 

Making your fans feel special – extra special is your job, Who none other than us knows that better! We make our partner heroes of our story, and so the fans of our partners. 


So now that you have a checklist ready you are all set to launch your own merchandise. Now the biggest question is What kind of products you should launch? How will you manage Designing and Manufacturing? Who will manage the Online store a website for merchandise? How will you handle Sales and logistics? What about the inventory management for your merchandise? Warehousing after-sales services? reconciliation?

and all these without harming your content creation and day job? Don't worry we are here to take care of all the hassles and ease the launch of your Dream Merchandise store.

Share with us your checklist and Launch your own merch in just click of a button, possible with

Connect us to know what the next steps look like!


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(* : YouTube Creator Academy)